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Quote: "The other night I dreamt my father was inside a baked potato." -Laughing Wild (the opening line of my monologue)
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Ok, ok. I know that I never update anymore. But I promise once I am in my fourth semester at AMDA, I will have more time to update. Ok? Ok.


The date with Jason. Here's the whole story.

We met at Xandos for dinner. About an hour after we got there, Bre and Keri (who was in town for a visit) stopped by and ended up just pulling up two chairs to our table and eating with us. I am actually kinda glad they came. It gave the date a more laid back and social feeling to it instead of the normal nerves and pressure most dates have. Jason loved them and loved talking to them and finding out about them and it was refreshing to see him interested in my friends. After being at Xandos for three hours, we went for a walk and ended up back at Bre's room where we all just hung out for about an hour. Then Jason and I left and walked to subway where we split up. There was a bit of tension as we were doing the whole goodbye thing. There was no kiss. Just a really adorable hug. We were each going a different direction on the trains so we could see each other across the platforms while we were waiting for our trains. So, we had had our goodbye, but then we could still see each other. So, we exchanged goofy little smiles and such til his train came and he was gone. We have spoken on the phone a few times since then and are planning on going out again soon. I am a tad cautious about getting too involved with him, cuz he is leaving in mid-November to go back on the cruise ship. And he won't be back til July. Do I really want to fall for someone only to have them leave? Can I handle that?

Ok, enough about the date.

School is going well. I am feeling good about myself and my progress. Teachers seem to be pleased with how I am doing which is comforting and encouraging.

I have developed an obsession with Harry Potter. I FINALLY finished the first book after having it since spring break. If you look back, you can find the entry I wrote the day I bought the book. It was several months ago. It has taken me this long to finish it due to lack of time to read. But I just finished it minutes ago and it is one of my favorite books. I have already purchased books 2, 3, and 4. I will be starting 2 hopefully tomorrow. I am getting those same good feelings I got when I first read The Chronicles of Narnia. I can tell these are all going to be books that I will love. If you have not read them, I highly suggest you do. Yes, they are technically childrens' books, but aren't we all children at heart.

Nothing too excite in the near future. I am planning on getting a hampster tomorrow though. My pet frogs are fine, but I need something I can play with, ya know? And I've always thought hampsters were absolutely adorable. Do I want a male one? Or a female? If I get a female, maybe I can breed it with my Erin's male one? And what do I name it? I'd like to name it a name from a Broadway show that I love, or perhaps something from Harry Potter. Or perhaps a movie. I have the worst time naming things. And what color do I get? And what kind of cage? I am so indecisive.

Again, I am sorry there were only four entries for August. I can almost guarantee that there will be more frequent updates once my fourth semester rolls around in mid-October. So please be patient with me. That's all I ask.