Day: Thursday
Time: 10:16 PM EST
Music: N'Sync
IM/ICQ: Jason and Shani
Internet: random link jumping
Quote: "Little hobgobblins don't have neck tension." -Pearson (how the hell does he know?!)
Fun Link: none

I do apologize for never updating anymore. I am just so busy.

So...I turn 20 in eight days. How scary!

I got a cell phone today. Very excited about that. I am now no longer in the stone age. Yay for me. I've been playing with it all night.

Last night I came home from school so exhausted that I fell asleep in minutes. I woke up thinking it was the next morning even though it was still that night. I got in the shower and got dressed and got ready to leave for school not knowing that it was evening. That's how out of it I was.

I was so tired because we have to rehearse an extra 6.5 hours of outside time per week now. This takes up too much of my time. Especially since I have four hours of this extra rehearsal on Wednesdays. So now I have to wake up at 5:30ish those mornings and not get home til late. Fun.

I am doing "The House of Yes" for my final in acting. I am in love with this play. It's also a movie if you want to rent it. It is amazing. I am so excited to be doing it. Today in class we took our floorplans and built the set onstage. Then we walked through it describing EVERYTHING in minute detail and basically playing in it. It was so much fun. I am very excited.

Some of the number buttons on my computer keyboard don't work anymore. Grrr.

So, I had a date last week. It was fun. His name is Tyler. Went to two bars and had some drinks. We had a good time, but I don't think I see a relationship brewing. I enjoy his company and much more content with him as just a friend. I don't think our personalities match well enough to make a good relationship beyond friends. Oh well. At least I've had a date now and had a fun night on the town. And I have a new friend out of it. One problem though....he is interested in a relationship. Yikes.

I bought a t-shirt a few days ago and have gotten nothing but shit for having it. It a plain white with a huge picture of Lance's face. For those of you not musically knowledgable, Lance in from N'Sync. I adore him. Everyone else thinks he is a huge dork. Whatever. I still love him and am very happy with my new shirt.

I also got the N'Sync/Britany CD and Video from McDonald's. I am now determined to watch it and learn the dances. I am also determined to become a huge dork. I think they will both happen at the same time :P

My class was to have this horridly difficult poem memorized by class today and only two kids had it learned....me and one girl. The teacher made all the other kids leave and she gave the girl and me a private class. I think I am officially on her good side now :)

Well, I have lines to learn...phones to play with...and more internetting to do, so I shall leave now. I will try to update more often, I swear. I said that about doing laundry too...and it's been a month since I last did it? Hmmmm.