Day: Tuesday
Time: 10:21 PM EST
Music: Ragtime
IM/ICQ: Ronnie
Internet: random link jumping
Quote: "I would love to shoot you." -Headshot lady (gee....thanks)
Fun Link: none

Well, I guess it's safe to say that I am feeling a lot better since my last few entires. Which is a good thing. Of course, I know moods often dip and rise and swerve, so I am going to try to hold on to this before it goes bad again.

I did get the rest of my stuff moved. I had to do it all alone though and it was quite possibly the worst experience I've had in recent months. But, I am not going to focus on the bad...just good, right?

What else? I had my headshot consultation yesterday. It was rather fun. I am getting rather excited to get my headshots done. I just hope I look good in them. Afterall, I have never really been a fan of myself and how I look in pictures. But, this woman is going to have digital retouching at her disposal...so I think I may end up liking at least one. Hope so anyway.

I called the counseling place like three times now, but always get their answering machine. So, once I am actually able to get ahold of them, I may be getting some counseling and feeling even more and more better about myself.

I have been working on monologues all day and typing them up and finding new ones to possibly do and the such cuz the one I took in today to do apparently didn't appeal to the teacher. Whatever. I thought it was a FREE choice.

Last week was one bad day. I left an hour before my first class, which leaves me an extra half hour to spare. Well, a building collapsed and so the trains stopped. Therefore, everyone piles out of the trains and onto the busses. Had to walk almost 15 blocks before I got on a bus. Then sat on the bus for an hour before it arrived at school. I was late and didn't get into class. Oh well. Spent the extra few hours buying scripts.

Ya know, Kat is home and I am talking with her and writing things and reading things for the past half hour and haven't been working on this much at all, so I'll stop for now.

Thank you to everyone who sent me kind emails of support after my last few entries.