Day: Sunday
Time: 10:43 PM EST
Quote: "I'd rather see penis than see Nathan Lane." -Cori (me too)

I kissed a porn star.

But before I get to that, I would like to point out that I have proclaimed myself the anti-update. I sit and bitch and moan in each entry how I never update on a regular basis, but then I never do anything to rectify the situation. Sometimes I think if my diary was on diaryland.com or something like that, that I would update more often. I wouldn't have to deal with HTML, making a new page, linking all of the old ones to it, etc. I could just type, and save. I seriously consider doing it. If anyone, ANYONE, knows an easier way to do this, please let me know and I will gladly praise you lavishly.

I started my second job this past week. I am ushering at the Ford Center for the Performing Arts. 42nd Street is playing there right now. I love the job. It is even easier than my job at Beauty, if that's possible! And they pay better. I get to join the union which will be nice with benefits and such. I enjoy the show also, so it isn't torturous going to work there. I am working with a group of people I never have before and it's all new, but I think it will be good for me also. And the theatre is gorgeous! And I get to work with Rosa still! What could be better? Oh yeah, opening night of the show in about a week could be a lot better! I will finally get to attend an opening night of a Broadway show...and get paid for it! So many celebrities! I am very excited.

Ryan has moved back home to Wisconsin. He is out of hair finally...but not without causing enough problems. We had to clean up after him and found cheese under a chair. Who knows how long it had been there. And I find a pile of CD's (mine and Kat's) in a puddle of soda. The booklets were warped and the CD's soaked. Not even sure if they are playable anymore or not. He left on Friday morning, but was still scheduled to work Friday night and both shows Saturday...and since he wasn't mature and/or responsible enough to call and let them know he wasn't going to be there, I had to do it for him. And, oh yeah, how can I forget...he owes us almost 1400 dollars in rent. I doubt I'll ever see that money.

Speaking of rent, things appear to be finalizing on this new apartment of mine. It is said that they take advantage of people who can be taken advantage of. And I guess I am one of those people, cuz we are paying way too much for this apartment. I feel bad about that too. But we were desperate, and they could probably smell that, and so they took advantage. I can always say I will know better next time, but I am one of those people who always gets taken advantage of.

I just realized Mom's birthday is in a few weeks. Hmm. I should get on that.

I don't think I've ever mentioned my obsession/love/admiration/etc for the mouskateers. I won't go into it, because frankly whenever I do it never comes out right and people just think I'm a freak, but I was able to get in touch with one of them this past week and it really was a big event for me. I know she'll never read this, but thanks to her, for making a little kid's dream finally come true.

Did I mention my new pet in the last entry? I'm not sure...which is yet another reason I need to update more often. Anyway, in case I didn't mention him, I got a new hamster. I named him Trevor Longbottom. A little shoutout to Harry Potter there, as was my last hamster. He's doing well. He loves keeping me awake at night. I don't love that.

Ok, I guess that's all....so I can move on to that porn star business now. I'm sure if I went back to the VERY beginning of this diary I could maybe find at least one mention of him, but then again, maybe not. Almost three years ago, I met this guy on ICQ (which I need to start using again) and we started talking. We hit it off and turns out he does porn. Wow. Well, we talked on the phone a lot for a few weeks, but slowly, as most internet meetings do, fell out of contact. We would send a random email once every few months or so...but that was it. Then for some reason, our emails picked back up and we talked on the phone again. That got our friendship back into the swing of things...and this past weekend, his friend bought him a plane ticket to NYC (did I forget to mention he lives in San Diego?). So, here he was in the same city as myself for the first time since we had met almost 3 years ago. The time had come to meet. He met me after work last night and we went and had a drink, then we had some coffee (he had 180 dollars stolen..yikes), and that was it. We only had a couple hours to spend together, but they were amazing. It was as if we hadn't met for the first time that night. Like friends who hadn't seen each other in awhile. He walked me back to my train and then kissed me goodnight. It was completely innocent...or was it? I don't know. He flew back to San Diego today though. He comes back to NYC next month I think. I really do care for him. I think he is an amazing person. But boy was it stressful going out with a porn star! No pressure there!

But hey, whenever I feel bad about things, all I have to do is lift my chin, look to the sun, and say:

I kissed a porn star!