Day: Wednesday
Time: 1:57 PM EST
Quote: "That could make my ass sweat in less than a minute." -Ryan(um....ok)

Deet dee dee.

Nothing exciting ever really happens in my life. Well, that isn't really true. A lot of exciting things do happen,, I just wish more exciting things would happen.

I've handed in a job application, so if I get the job, I can leave Beauty. 6 people at Beauty have handed in their two weeks notice. Everyone is leaving. It's kinda scary. I don't want to be the only one left. I also am not sure I really want to leave. I've been working there for almost a year and a half. I've only lived in NYC one month where I haven't worked at Beauty. I feel like I have some sort of allegiance there and I can't leave. Ugh. I always imagined that when I would leave Beauty, it would be because of some amazing national tour I had gotten. But never like this.

I went to the realtors to get everything started. I walked in and was shocked - and slightly amused - to find the man working behind to the desk to be a guy that had bought me a drink at a bar and then we had exchanged numbers. Neither of us called the other person. He seemed to recognize me, but he couldn't place from where. It such a small world.

I've become obsessed with The Sims. I got the game last summer and hated it. It was so boring, there was no point, and you never won or lost. But I got out again a few weeks ago and played it again and became obsessed. I think the thing that made it better this time was the fact that I made characters for it and based them on people in my real life. So it was much more entertaining when someone I personally know would pee on the kitchen floor than when some random sim would. It was funnier when my roommate and I had a baby together than when my random sims would. It was more enjoyable, and slightly frightening, when people I actually knew would jump into the fire and sacrifice themselves when the stove caught fire. I adore this game.

Aimee and I have started hanging out a lot lately. It's nice. We go shopping, make stickers, make fun of chiggers, drink, look for jobs, chew gum, and everything else together. I think we were separated at birth.

I've registered for the AIDS Walk New York again this year. Had such a great time last year! If anyone who reads this (does anyone read this?!) would like to help sponsor me and help this amazing and worthwhile cause, feel free to get in touch with me and let me know. I'll give you more instructions on how you can help out.

Aimee registered for the walk too. I wonder who I will walk with. Hmmm.

I bought Aimee's birthday gift last night...while she was there. She said "Oooh! This is nice. I want this for my birthday." So I bought it right then and there. She doesn't get it til later this month though. She'll just have to be a patient little lady. I also bought myself some cute boxers. Harry Potter has such great merchandise. He's a marketing genius. :)

Have you ever seen an Asian woman shitting on her own face? No? Well, if you'd like to, let me know and I can hook you up. :)