Time: 3:51 PM EST
Music: Les Mis
IM/ICQ: none
Internet: blah
Quote: "there is a staple in my salad!" -Sara (guess who got a free meal)
Fun Link: none today

The Broadway Softball League is so fun! I got up yesterday and went to see the games. It was great. Beauty beat Aida which is good. It was weird seeing Gaston and Gogsworth out there playing softball. Quite amusing.

Jim was there with the Foot team. They ended up losing their game, but not before I got a few pics for the Jim site.

After the game, my coworkers and I went to eat at Hard Rock. Sara had a staple in her salad (as you saw in the quote up top) which means she got a nice meal for free. Lucky bitch. Wish I could get a staple in my food! :P

* * * * *

It's now 6:38 PM. Dustin came over. We went and got his hair cut and bought me some snazzy new shoes for spring and summer. I got some sandles.

Now for the meat of the entry.

What a difference hair can make.

I guess people at work have been talking about how I seem like a whole new person since getting my hair cut and highlighted the other day. I guess I feel a little different, but nothing major. They seem to think that I am more confident of myself and am a lot happier with life and myself since getting it done. I guess they are right...to some extent. It's nice to know that people care about me and actually pay enough attention to me to notice that I feel better about myself and seem happier. Perhaps it is me finally being able to express my style and find out who I am as a person, and that is making me happy. Maybe I haven't found "Nick" yet, but just the whole discovery process excites me? I dunno.

I did a little bit of growing up last night. I kinda want to tell about it, but I also feel it is something that should be kept private. Let's just say I did some things last night that I have never done before. Is this even more self discovery? I did learn some things about myself, so that's good. I feel if I analyze what happened, then I may not like that it happened anymore, so I am just gonna stop analyzing it and just let it be. It was a good thing, and that is what is important.

Another good thing is that Kat didn't wake up. Thank God!