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Oh...the way things can change in such a short time never ceases to amaze.

So, this person I have had an eye for since October started wanting to spend a lot of time with me this week. So, we would go out to eat, shop, and just hang out with each other almost the whole day. But I guess I didn't realize that this was only because this person's real friends weren't available because they had all gone home for spring break. And now this person has hooked up with another friend of mine. I'm still a friend, but only when it is convenient for them. I'm Mr. Third Wheel.

What's worse is this person knows I adore them. So what do they do? Lead me on mercilessly. And what I do? Let them. I guess I keep harboring this desire that I am something this person wants. I guess I need to grow up and realize I am being foolish.

Today, to make myself feel better, I pampered myself...a lot. I went and got a haircut. But not only did I get it cut, I got some snazzy highlights put in it as well. I got it done at Dramatics NYC which means it was rather expensive. For a cut and some highlights, it cost about $87. Yikes! But I feel better about myself now, so it is ok.

I also went shopping. Went to H&M, a store Jim had suggested I check out. It was awesome. I had arm fulls of stuff I wanted. Unfortunately, not all of it fit so I was only able to get 4 shirts and a pair of pants. Grand total....only $91. That is amazing for the ammount I got considering that a pair of pants costs $88 at Banana Republic. I felt so good buying awesome clothes at such amazing prices. Then I went to the Gap and got some more things. It feels good to shop!

Next on the menu...shoes and a few more clothes. I hope I don't need to go to shoppers anonymous once spring break is over.

I am going to try to wake up early enough to go to the Broadway softball game tomorrow. Beauty is playing against Aida I think. I wonder when my jersey comes in.

Monday night, on a whim, I saw Rent. Dustin wanted to see it and no one would go with him, so I did. We ended up winning the lotto so we saw it. It was weird seeing it again. Kinda brought back a lot of memories from when I was obsessed with the show. Don't get me wrong, I am still pretty much "over Rent" now, but it was kinda nice just seeing it again...for old times sake. It was also interesting cuz they changed Joannes (a character) at intermission. That was the first time in my 12 that I had seen that happen at Rent.

Ok, enough about Rent. Is there a surefire way to get someone to like you? Is there a way to know for sure if they already do? Is there a way to make the pain of not being loved go away? Is there a way to turn back time to make things happen differently? Or is fate in control of everything we do? Is this neverending parade of questions ever going to end? On this page, yes. In my mind, no.

So, I'll stop before this turns into a giant, zen fortune cookie.

Time to go model my new clothes!