Time: 5:40 PM EST
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Quote: "I can't believe you can do this sober!" -Everyone from last night (i can't believe it either)
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So, I am so tired I am about to pass out. Wanna know why I am so tired? You're gonna hear whether you do or not.

But first...the minor stuff.

I found a letter from Citibank that was a month old yesterday. It said I owe over $130 for something. I assume they say my checks I wrote were overdrawn, which they weren't. So I was very confused. I called to see what the situation was but I was unable to pass security check, so I was going to have to go in to an actual bank instead of over the phone to do it. So, on my way there, I see I have mail in my mailbox. It's a letter from Citibank. It says I owe nothing. So now I am even more confused.

I got my new credit card in the mail too. It's a nice blue-ish. It was sad cutting my old one up though.

Work has been weird. People have been taking their pictures with me now. It's like I am one of the characters at Disneyworld or something. It's odd. I had one today and the other night I had about 8. Oh well!

Ok, enough idle chit chat. This is why I am dead tired. No names will be used to protect the innocent.

So, last night after work, I hung out with some friends. They were all drinking. I only had a few sips. They played a drinking game and it was kinda fun watching them act like asses :)

Then we (yes, me included) started playing kissing and drinking (i didn't drink, only kissed) games. I don't know how I did it. It was quite a change for me considering I hadn't kissed a single person since October? And now I am making out with 5 people I either am good friends with...or don't even know. It was quite an odd night.

So, I finally got to bed at about 5 AM and had to wake up and be at work at 11. So, I got 4 hours of sleep. On my way to work, I decided a nice jolt of coffee would do me some good. So, I bought some coffee and doughnuts and then I was so tired I left the doughnuts on the counter. Dammit!

Then I got some Pepsi to help jolt me awake as well. Barely made it through the day without passing out of exhaustion and am now home and relaxing. I need a backrub. Any takers?

So I am now going to lay down and relax. Maybe watch a movie. Have some food delivered. Ah....spring break! :)