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I am sick. I think my lack of sleep is starting to catch up to me. I have too active of a life to not sleep and get the proper rest. I am getting physically ill because of it. Spring break is very much anticipated.

What's been up in the life o' Nick? Not much. Saw Foot with the Footcrew. It was fun. It was the first time I had seen it in quite some time. So that was fun. After the show, we went to Applebee's and had some drinks. Well, I had a coke, but they drank. We laughed about a Footfan who is just a tad psycho. And no, it's not me. I come a close second though.

Sunday I worked. Big surprise, huh?

Monday. Hmmm. What happened on jolly ole Monday? Classes. Yeehaw! What an exciting day.

Yesterday was eventful though. Got up at the butt-crack of dawn to go get Aida tickets for Jim and I. I get there and get in line and it's rather cold out. My McD's meal came without butter or syrup which made me less than jovial about eating it. But a growing lad must eat, so I ate it. The sausage was actually pretty good, but that's aside the point.

When it couldn't get any worse...it did. It started snowing. Yes. Snowing. Oy. And I still had an hour to wait for tickets. I made it though. I got to the box office to get my ticets and they weren't front row like the rush seats are supposed to be. WTF?! Not only that, but they weren't together, they were behind each other. I was a tad upset by this. But I just sucked it up and reminded myself that we had tickets and were going to see the show, so whatever.

Went through my day of classes bored as usual. I can't believe I spend $90 per class when in a lot of them I spend the whole time sitting there. How's that for giving us our money's worth.

After my last class, I deposited over $500 into my account. At the rate I go, it'll be gone in a week.

Then I went down to meet Jim. We had a bite to eat and some tea before the show. And like always, we ran into multiple people he knows. Then we headed off to the show. We got a program for Jim using my discount and then went to our seats...which were behind each other. Ahem!

The show was faboo as ever. He knew half of the ensemble. And we had the tradition of twizzlers during the show. It was fun.

After the show we went to Kinko's to help him type up a letter he needed. Then we each went home. I came back and did my paperwork for class in about ten minutes (it should take several hours) and went to bed.

Today I had to perform my new song for class. I hadn't worked on it at all, but got a B+, so that's good. And my paperwork must've fooled my teacher, or at least he didn't say anything about it, so that's good too.

And that is that.

You may have noticed I am fiddling around with the logo and images on the site. It's all cuz of my adobe photoshop program or whatever the hell it's called. And I think over spring break I will get rid of all the RENT related portion of this site. I dunno. I mean, I am over RENT. I don't really pay any attention to that section of the site at all. Why keep it, ya know? Maybe. We'll see.

And I think I may have decided on a stage name. As much as I love Nicholas Mitchell, I think it's going to be Nick Mitchell. I've had more than one person say to use it. I dunno. I love my full name much more than Nick Mitchell. And if I go with Nick, I have to come up with a new autograph now. And why is this the most important problem in my life right now?! Priorities?

There's more I could talk about, but would really rather just relax now, so I'll stop for now.

The guestbook reached 100! Yay!