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Quote: "I never thought I would be happy about Andrea being on." -my coworkers (her understudy is not our fave)
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I was forced to update, so here I am.

I wanted to play an April Fools joke on someone, but couldn't come up with anything clever, so didn't. There's always next year.

I've been going through a not-so-great time the past few days. I found out a friend of mine won't be living here much longer. Now that I know time is limited, things seem different when I talk to this person. There is a weird feeling in the air. Like we have to appreciate every last word spoken to each other and every moment we see each other. And it never seems as if we are spending the time together to the fullest. I know they are going to be coming back, but for the time they will be gone, it will be torture. I'm just gonna stop talking about it now otherwise I will work myself up into a state of mind I don't need to be in right now.


What else has happened?

Sara E and I have kinda started a tradition I think. Two Saturdays ago, we met and went out for brunch. Then we walked to work together. This past Saturday, we met for brunch, saw a movie, and walked to work together. And we ate one restaurant away from the first place we ate. We are eating our way down Broadway. It's fun.

The movie we saw is American Beauty. Yes, I finally saw it. It was amazing. I loved it. Kinda disturbing though. I want to see so many movies. I have no time (or money) to do it though. There's always next Saturday with Sara though, right?? :)

Oh, in acting last week, we spent one whole class and went to Central Park and just relaxed. It was my first time there. I have lived 3 blocks from the park for almost 6 months now, and had never been to the park. What the hell is wrong with me?

Still haven't sent Jan's gift home to her. I am the biggest bastard alive.